Top 5 Best Traffic Lawyers in St. Louis

When it comes to getting help with a traffic ticket, or other sort of violation related to vehicular laws, getting help from a good traffic lawyer can save you a lot of stress. With the complex laws and point systems in the state of Missouri, sometimes the only way to handle a ticket is with the help a traffic lawyer, especially if you feel it was wrongfully given. For a fraction of the costs that a ticket can carry in fines and affect on your insurance, hiring a lawyer to help is well worth the price. For finding a good traffic lawyer in St. Louis, the following are five of the best, in no particular order, along with sites to find out more about them.

Offered by the Khatskin firm and headed up by Edward Khatskin, this site is one of many available in the St. Louis area that offers a free consultation regarding your ticket and low rates starting at $45.00. You can submit information about your ticket, ask questions, and rest assured that your matter will be handled by one of the best traffic lawyers in the area. They bring years of experience and an unparalleled level of excellence and professionalism to every case and can often handle any minor ticket without you ever having to set foot in either a courtroom or office.

Hosted by The Rogers Law Firm and lead by Andrea Storey Rogers, who is one of the top rated traffic lawyers on Avvo, they offer a wide range of services. You can get a free consultation regarding any matter related to the law and an incident that happened regarding your vehicle. Common issues are; speeding, possession, minor possession of alcohol, and many more. Andrea Rogers focuses on this areas of the law intently and can handle matters involving not only moving violations, but also criminal charges that may be filed along with them. She is known for being able to eliminate the impact of these charges from your driving record and insurance. Most of the fees begin around $75 to $125 and sometimes more depending on the severity and complexity of the issue, though most common complaints fall into the flat $75 range.

The JCS Law Firm, lead by John C. Schleiffarth, is another highly rated firm, according to Avvo, that specializes in many fields of practice, including traffic. They are known for being extremely bold and aggressive defense attorneys that will fight hard to ensure your case is resolved. They do not discuss starting rates on their website, but they offer a toll free number and encourage potential clients to call for questions regarding if they would be right for them. They can handle any legal issue regarding criminal and traffic violations. With their multiple national and state awards for excellence and performance, they are a great option for extremely difficult and complex traffic cases.

Lead by Casey Coats and backed by a solid paralegal and office team, the staff at Traffic Law Stop specialize in helping residents in the St. Louis area with their traffic issues. From simple violations to DUIs, they can help reduce or complete negate the potentially costly effects of a traffic ticket on your driving record. Like most traffic lawyers, Coats will also work to help reduce or eliminate the impact to the points on your license as well. The rates for their basic services start at $59 and go up depending on complexity and severity. You can submit information to them regarding your ticket and they will contact you for a free consultation on the matter.

With a team consisting of four lawyers, two paralegals, and two support staff, the specialists at Traffic Law Counselors are able to offer some of the most competitive pricing in regards to every manner of traffic law needs. Their price for handling a basic ticket is only $45, while DWS/R start at $200 and DUIs start at $500. They have some of the best ratings among customers and offer free consultation. Not only do they provide a clear fee schedule, they also give clear definitions regarding how the Missouri’s point and traffic laws work.

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What is Personal Injury Law?

Personal injury law is a broad term that refers to the field of law that focuses on personal injury, both physical and psychological in nature. Typically it begins when a person is hurt in some manner due to the actions of another person or company. Examples that are fairly common are: You fall in a grocery store due to water that has not been marked with caution signs or cleaned and break a bone, resulting in loss of wages, pain and suffering. Another example is being injured in a vehicular accident and the reimbursement from the insurance companies does not cover the entirety of the medical bills, lost wages, and other complications due to injuries from the accident. The main focus behind personal injury law is to help the injured party obtain proper recompense for the harm done to them, be it purely from accidental cause or due to negligence.

What is the difference between a personal injury law and criminal law case?

Personal injury is strictly about recompense and has nothing to do with criminal bearings. While rarely, criminal law proceedings can branch off from what was initially a personal injury lawsuit, for the most part they are merely about getting money to help cover bills and lost wages.

Another major defining facet is that criminal law cases involve persons who have broken laws and committed crimes with intent, whereas personal injury law cases focus around accidents. Most people do not intentionally get into car accidents, but they happen, and even with great insurance coverage, there are times when the personal injury and damages are very high. If the company only reimburses half of the medical expenses, you can still often be left with thousands of dollars of debt. Depending on the severity of the injuries, your financial burdens can become greater due to loss work hours. Personal injury lawyers can help you get the money you need to cover these costs and ensure that an accident does not destroy the rest of your life.

However, there are certain limitations when it come to personal injury law.

When it comes to pursuing legal actions, be it criminal or persona injury law, there is something called a statute of limitations. This is basically a time limit that begins on the day the event happens. You have a limited window in which you can take legal action, and the limit varies by circumstance and state, as each state is allowed to adjust the period of limitation. According to the New York Bar, which governs the state laws, for example, the following is a brief list of circumstances and limitations:

3 years Slips/falls, car accidents, faulty product liability, negligence resulting in injury, emotional distress cause by negligence.

2.5 years Medical malpractice suits, which the period does not start until date of final treatment that concerns the case.

2 years Wrongful deaths due to medical malpractice or other circumstances.

1 year Emotional distress caused by an intentional act, assault/battery, and libel/slander issues, which include false statements voiced in video or presented in print online or on paper.

Different areas of personal injury law.

Most if not all instances in which you would find yourself a personal injury lawyer fall into the general categories above. Some lawyers even take their focus deeper and concentrate on a particular type of personal injury law, such as cases involved car accidents or medical malpractice. It is not uncommon for a law firm to have a couple specialties, such as medical malpractice and wrongful death, or any combination of the above circumstances. While most lawyers that practice personal injury law can generally handle just about any personal injury case, those who specialize in a certain field are more likely to succeed at filing and getting you a satisfactory settlement or judgment.


How most personal injury law cases are resolved.

Most personal injury law cases are resolved without much court time through settlements. Which is where both parties agree on a satisfactory amount of compensation and agreement to no pursue no further legal action regarding the matter. Both parties will discuss the issue and negotiate to an agreement. If for some reason the parties cannot agree upon suitable terms, then the involvement of a judge and further court proceedings may become involved in the process.

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Here are the Top Five St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyers

Getting injured in a motor vehicle accident, on the job, or as the result of someone else’s neglect or wrongdoing is a frightening and anxiety-filled episode for anyone. Between hospital bills and damage to vehicles, it can feel like your life is totally disrupted. You don’t have to deal with it alone, though; it’s important know your rights and fight for your own interests. People who hire a St Louis personal injury attorney make 3.5-5 times as much in their settlements, so it’s important to have someone in your corner. Fortunately, if you are in the St. Louis area there are several great options for legal representation.

5: The Mutrux Law Firm

Described as “hard-working and diligent,” Tyson Mutrux handles suits for personal injury and criminal defense cases. This is a new law firm, opened in 2012, but clients have already given very favorable reviews. Some other great reasons to choose this firm are that they don’t charge to open your file, and they do not charge a fee on vehicle damage, which some other law firms do. With an rating of 10.0, Mutrux ensures the people he represents get results thanks to fast and effective techniques. Using progressive state-of-the-art tactics, the Mutrux firm works hard to ensure their clients are satisfied. With this firm you can be sure of professionalism and a strong advocate in your case.

4: Westhoff Law Firm, LLC

This firm specializes in personal injury, foreclosure prevention, and real estate. Since 2004 the team at Westhoff has been representing individuals and small businesses in the St. Louis area. Sean Westhoff and the Westhoff Law firm have helped hundreds of people involved in cases of real estate litigation, and have also represented people in truck, car, and motorcycle collisions for the past 10 years. They will thoroughly investigate the accident to determine who is at fault and ensure you get the compensation you deserve. With backgrounds in employment law, personal injury, and litigation, Sean, Benjamin, and Peter Westhoff work hard to get results for clients.

3: Hennessey Law Firm, LLC

Specializing in personal injury cases, this firm founded in 1998 by Cynthia Hennessey boasts aggressive personal injury and workers’ compensation representation. As a registered nurse and former insurance company attorney herself, Hennessey brings vital experience and a personal touch. She personally interviews and selects each client, ensuring that you won’t be just another number. Plus, as a former attorney for an insurance company, she knows all the strategies used to try to avoid paying claims. Hennessey is also accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and is a Featured Lawyer. If you go to her with a personal injury case, you can be sure of personalized, experienced and supportive representation.

2: The Law Offices of James M. Hoffmann

This personal injury firm received a five-star rating on for professionalism, knowledge, and instilling confidence in clients. A highly rated firm dealing in personal injury, workers’ compensation, and especially car accidents, the Hoffmann firm was established in 1998. It also features a 24-hour call center for victims of injuries, so no matter when the accident happens you can be sure of help from a real person. They represent uninsured and underinsured drivers as well as injured pedestrians, and bring a wealth of expertise on motor vehicle law. With lots of satisfied clients, Hoffmann’s law firm is a great choice for someone injured in a car accident and looking for compensation.

1: Medler Law Firm

Specializing in personal injury cases, Medler Law Firm offers free consultation and genuine commitment to helping people in need of professional representation. Medler emphasizes honesty, integrity, and unbiased representation for individuals entering personal injury lawsuits. John and Tammy Medler and their team have over 50 years of combined experience handling cases like yours, so you can be sure of competent, compassionate, and thorough representation. They also offer evening and weekend appointments for added convenience. With Medler Law Firm you can rest assured that your interests will be protected, as their many happy clients will attest.

Although you hopefully won’t ever need to hire a personal injury lawyer, sometimes bad things happen. If they do, make sure you get the settlement you deserve with one of these great law firms.

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When Should You Use a Personal Injury Lawyer?

There are a lot of reasons for why you should use a personal injury lawyer if you become injured due to an accident or negligence. When it comes to most matters of the law, it is simply common sense to make use of a lawyer, this is especially true of any incident in which there is bound to be either criminal charges or dispute. In particular, the following are the most common instances where your would want to use a personal injury lawyer.

Medical malpractice is one of the most common instances of personal injury cases.

Doctors and medical professionals are human, and humans make mistakes. However, while there will always be a level of risk involved when there is human involvement, the fact alone does not excuse the costs of a medical mistake. Medical malpractice can result in temporary to permanent disability, immense pain, suffering, and loss of not only wages but quality in life. In the most severe of cases, a loved one is lost due to medical malpractice. In these times it can be the burden of the loved ones to seek accounting from the medical professional or institution. Attempting to negotiate the tenuous and complicated law system is the last thing someone suffering from medical malpractice, a loss from, should attempt alone. There is a thriving sect of personal injury lawyers who specialize in medical malpractice based personal injuries, and who can help you regain some measure of loss due to the mistake/mistakes made.

Closely in line with medical malpractice are exposure cases.

The reason behind a lot of people attempting to “go green” is in part the realization of how many harsh chemicals have been imbued into the world around us. There are rising incidents of toxic exposure that result in mild to severe personal injury, even to the point of death at times. Any instance of suspected or documented poisoning due to environmental of food contamination should be handled by a professional, who can help you or loved ones gain compensation for the pain and suffering caused.


Another very common instance is personal injury due to a car accident.

When the insurance coverage simply does not cover it all or there is lasting disability as a result of the accident, a personal injury lawyer can help you get further compensation to cover the loss of wages and at times, help in recovering a measure in quality of life. Getting insurance companies to adequately provide for a victim in an accident can be impossible without a good lawyer to go to bat for you.

In minor car accidents, there is often little need for legal assistance, as most states require as minimal adequate coverage to account for minor costs. It is mainly when the insurance company refuses to pay, or when the amount of injuries and medical bills far exceed the basic coverage of the other driver. A personal injury lawyer can not only pursue the other person’s insurance company, but they can also negotiate with yours as well to help ensure you receive adequate reimbursement for medical bills. Depending on the circumstances, you can also get assistance with lost wages, which is especially true for any term of disability that results from the accident.

Personal injuries that are the result of a slip or fall.

If a company, or even the city creates a situation, especially through negligence, in which you fall or slip, you may have cause for a personal injury lawyer. The statue of limitation, or how long you have to pursue legal action from the date of the incident, varies from state to state. You can easily access a list of limitations from many different stat governing bodies, or legal associations such as the state bar. In places like New York, you have three years in which you can initiate a legal action over injures from a slip or fall. This is mainly due to the fact that sometime it takes a bit of time for the extent of damage caused to become fully evident. Fragmented bones can take months to fully develop into an issue or recovery from a broke bone can take time to reveal if there will be lasting impairment, which can greatly affect a potential personal injury lawsuit, for which you would most assuredly need a personal injury lawyer.

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